Saturday, 28 September 2019

So I'm repurposing this page for the sake of an online diary about my time at the RCA.
Today is the Saturday after my first week of my Masters in Ceramics.
Yesterday a presentation.
A terrifyingly big screen and big auditorium.
Thankful for the kind tutor who was so reassuring as I took the stage.
A taste of taking the limelight.
It was ok... yeah ok... I wish my work was better presented. I guess I'll learn to present myself better of the next two years. It felt thin and I could see how little reflection and process i have give each moment. How little I have pursued the possible threads - stopping short of driving them all the way down.
Some peoples work tho was just soooo good.
I feel very lucky to be amongst all this astonishing talent.
I hope by the time I leave my work is truly worthy to share platform with the best of us.
It's such a diverse group. I am looking forward to making great and lifelong friends here and  throughout the college and the wider community that the RCA attracts.

Practically speaking, by doing this course, I aim to master and integrate my existing skill set, aquire new relevant skills and perspectives and integrate them all into a cohesive ceramic centred practice through which to manifest my best ideas in the most excellent way I can become capable of.
By studying at the RCA I hope to contextualise my practice within the leading edge of global ceramic art and to continue my research into cross cultural design and craft pollination and the resultant emergence of new post contemporary hybrid design languages, applying the findings to my craft.

I'm starting to get clear about where I would like this to lead after the Masters...
It has been a question I have not been able to fully answer.
I think it is perhaps bigger than I am ready yet to see.
The more permission I give myself to own my heart the more the future emerges.

Of course I want to win prizes - the best prizes-  and accolades galore.
I would like my work to be in all the best collections, wonders and opportunities that I do not even know exist yet and those I do.. Loewe, Homo Faber, Collect, COCA, V&A collection...
... and more, so many more wonderful glittering prizes and bench marks.

I would like to become infinitely worthy of all this by my skill and dedication of my talent to my craft.

I feel research might take me, if so I hope to pursue that at the Royal College of Art and I would love to tutor here too.
I would like to develop my studio practice as a business and grow it elegantly, perhaps in collaboration, into a robust and brilliant success that also supports others in the craft.
I would like to continue to make ever more finely crafted accomplished ceramic works that take time and consideration are sought after.
I would also like to design for production alongside this and always to continue growing, developing and gaining increasing mastery of my practice.
I would like to travel widely and often and build an international network of fine makers linked in collaborative practice.

I hope to be widely known and loved and happy when I leave this earth and leave it a far better place for my having lived and given vent to all the beauty that wants to come through me.