Wednesday, 23 May 2018

long grown limbs,wild
and full of defiance
yet so quick to melt, when tired,
into the hallowed out curve of my arms
(ever ready) 
and more often empty, now,
than full of you.
tho i know
the everything value
of it being here.

life stretches us both
as we navigate
the elasticity
of our connection
with constant correction.
not always easy.

still I see
the round innocence in your wisening face;
delight in pouring into it praise
and love
so well reflected in the brilliance of your smile...

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

When women rise rooted,
and we will,
The trees will be at peace,

Our hearts will cease
to thunder
in outrageous disbelief.

When women rise rooted
Our souls will feel safe
to fly home
and rest again
in the boughs of our deep anchored love.

When women rise rooted
we will not stand
to reach for our bows,
nor our clubs nor our spears.

When women rise rooted
we will stand
to sing, to dance, to hold each-others hands
and to give shade to our beloveds.

When women rise rooted,
and we will,
make no mistake about that dear ones,

we will not argue
nor debate the points
made so cleverly
to keep us in chains
but simply
and with hearts brimming
we will stretch out our arms,
gather the children
and do what needs to be done.