Thursday, 27 October 2016

I appreciate that it must have been tempting,
How my dreams flickered on your skin.
I see now, how you could not have resisted
In the colours
of my deepest,

Who would blame you when
mistook your northern ordinariness
for auroraborialis?

Would I have shirked such a coat of gleaming fine-ness?

Years of careful breeding
and spiritual neglect
dimming my vision
and then,
of course,
that deep unanswered wish...
you were so obliging.

when the coat squeezed and pinched you would dissolve as if you had never been there.
phone off, all links blank.
my fault somehow - i was bad, wrong,
not good enough and you could not bear it.
must try harder,
give more,

just seemed to take so long and waste so much of our life.

Monday, 21 March 2016

when things come together i fear their fragile wings will crush under my touch so i whisper prayers to them and hope and love. i set them down lightly in the soft soil of my mind, clear the weeds daily of fear and unkind memories - what i think i deserve because others said so - what i think can be done because the world is so. when things come together i fill them with love.