Wednesday, 21 October 2015

shh its ok, i said
and i hoped my heart would believe me
dont panic its long gone, this thing
still it thinks I deceive me
quiet now - you don't know time 
the past is dead and gone
yet true it knows no time and all moments merge to one
so with gentle will and kindness i overlay this now
make sure that all the corners match
rub out the scruffy frowns
until all the present has the power
and whats gone is done
until the spirals come unstuck
and the echo fall like stone


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

that day I loved you more .
i saw you whole.
and shining.
all your cracks,
just like gold,
in the light of your soul.
it did not need
sweeping sideways,
or excusing
it just was
and that was just fine
fine with me
fine with you,
the universe.,
the whole...
we were whole.
that day