Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Home again after exhibiting in Glastonbury. My work being well received, I am tenderly drying my wings having emerged from the cocoon of the last period of creation (thanks cocoon).

Friday, 4 May 2012

in my head i'm walking barefoot on the earth above your bones. lying heart to heart with the earth and you. soft cool damp and full moon round above.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Leaning over the edge of the slippery rocks, as far as I could, body flat to them. The massive thundering water in my ears and clothes, body, all of me drenched. Bright white sunlight flooding the mist. Like in a cloud, like in heaven. I stayed like that for ages leaning into it singing sounds to it. Huge droplets bouncing back up from the abyss like dancing spheres. I have been trying to paint that ever since.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I belong to a country that does not exist but when I stand with my feet on the land where it used to be, my roots dig down and I still feel it is my home.
But I am not allowed to call it home and my life is in danger there.
How will my heart learn to beat to different rhythms that those they were born to without feeling like a perpetual traveller, without feeling the longing for return, to beat in time with the surroundings once again.

I am fourth generation African - but instead of being a Zimbabwean I have to remain a Rhodesian - a citizen of a place that does not exist, like a unicorn or some other mythical creature. I hope that means I can do magic.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Sun

Completed this entry for the Saatchi online showdown.

Also today visited the Grayson Perry at the National Museum (complete with a Grayson Perry afternoon tea at the upstairs restaurant which included no less than a teddy bear jelly and motorbike chocolate!!) Still it was very nice to enjoy the peace after a very crowded exhibition space and something a bit overwhelming about the aura of disconcerted audience). A couple of beautiful pieces in the show - his mother and father of us all as I think they were titled and the epic tapestry but much left me a bit cold and i think it was something about the way the show was being received and handled and the brutal commerciality of it. It seems to be THE show to see at the moment and the resultant expectation and uncomprehension hangs thick in the air - I think they should cleanse the space.!! It raises some deep and uncomfortable questions about who we are and I'm not sure that it gives the level of support necessary for most visitors to process what is raised.

... this leads me off on a tangent about the value of interactivity in art - that it encourages participation and gives an avenue of expression to what has been raised by the piece/ work/ exhibition.

we rounded off with a trot up to Camden to see what seemed to be an installation but was in fact a shop of neon lights, signs and sculptures. Fun and amusing and gently inspiring.