Monday, 15 August 2011

sand banks at seven sisters

All day the inner winds made chaos of my mind, blowing thoughts around in crazy randomness.
Finally sent me fleeing from the house, hand in hand with Lumin - "shall we play on the cliffs?" - Yes - said he... but not if its windy.
"It won't be windy now, anymore..."
So through the gates to the underworld and past the Seven Sisters deciding as we went... Fish and chips first - we'll eat them on the beach (but we didn't we stayed in the car to eat), then surprised by meeting friends from school and somehow feeling embarrassed at being caught in this untogether chaotic fish and chips for supper mode... love flowing tho.

We run walk play our way.. a different way; not to the cliffs but down the hill to the beach. I start to feel you with me again - you start to point things out. I have missed you these past two days as our connection got more earthly again. Now we are flying. The shapes gliding and weaving - SUCH BEAUTY! - I reach the bottom ecstatic.

We scrabble down the pebble banks me and Lumin - he goes tumbling off to the sea. More cautious, me, I find an easy route.
Sinking sand and squishy seaweed in such beautiful shades of colour the tide is SO low. Picking our way over the rocks we are met by a pitbull. Too friendly he races at us and I wonder how will we survive - his owner is calling so frantically that I think he must be aggressive and I am hoping I can dog magic him before he shreds my little boy...but he is fine - friendly jumping up - his owner just worried he would wet my skirt.

I run off with Lumin shrieking on the sands.
THE sea horses are coming to get us!!! YAY we run circles and spirals and figure of eight in the sands banks it is SO beautiful. The low tides are so shallow and the sun is low and gold. All golden around us we run and splash in the shallow fresh water. jumping and squishing worm casts until we are done.
Lets go back
We pick our way through and over - the sinking sand is harder now but we find some disappearing sand to play in, rinse off our shoes and slowly up the hill. smiley strangers and blackberries on the way.
Over the hill and there she is. Full and creamy gold, round and covered in wispy veils - as if laughing at my last writing - the veils make her beautiful tonight, sister moon.

Friday, 12 August 2011


A series of goddesses is being given to me. This one artemis. I named her even before i knew the match. was not a surprise to me the channel of my priestess friend is so strong and clear and her she is. perhaps to be made in clay one day

queen of the void

Feel you in the breath and air
cut my hair in the bath - thats the last growth of it from our time.
memories ripple the present and i feel you reaching to me, sister.
your grief as much as mine at the veil.
so much closer now tho, now we understand eachothers love
i let this new unfolding begin
and remember your laugh and see the now through your expanded eyes.
such love flows in my heart
blessed be sister
i hold your hand and shine a light in the dark for your beloveds to see by
so when they lose sight they will not fall or stumble
i hold this from here