Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Inspiration and paper cuts

recently managed to free myself from the need to conform to a particular style and this seems to have freed me into more chaos but it is creative rather than constrained. There is a hopeless grief and agony running through me as I work but really the work is coming out beautifully. I have started drawing again, Something I have hardly done since the architecture degree and some of the inspiration coming is divine. In Latihan today I could hardly stay because the flow of ideas began so strong. I see a thread between two of my genres and am excited, looking forward to how they will stitch in. It is between the mandala pieces and the small scale installations and more and more the passion (which has always been there) for the creating of shrines comes. It is more intense now and has more permission. These are early days and I only write this here because I believe no one will read it yet. And as if all this is not enough - a new inspiration has come for paper, paper cuts, folding, paper fold-painting, book making.... Went to London, Saatchi and Orosko at the Tate Modern yesterday. loved Orozco for the idea of site specific installations - also his disected and painted bank notes and newspaper clippings. liked too and was inspired by the photographing - the recording of the perpetual ephemeral,it reminded me to do this and at last told me clearly that i must photograph the process because for me the process IS the work, especially in the object arrangements and rearrangements. so much gets lost as a result of me deciding against a piece.

needs a good camera to do this

Friday, 4 March 2011


Painting this was like capturing moments from a movie projected onto the board - the children were moving alot - the art was to get them down before they ran off. The one on the right didn't want to be seen.
Its about the acceptance of physical love in a family and community context.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Moon Blood

The word blessing originally comes from the word for blood. It is a reference to moon blood, the monthly blessing of womankind and gives us some idea of how we used to see menstruation and women in general.
The creation of the thirteen moon blessing shrine is, in part a reclamation of this meaning as it is using the blood in its sacred context.
In the days of the goddess religions, in Avalon (Glastonbury), there was (and still exists) a stone that the priestesses sat on to bleed. It is a large egg shaped stone and today sits behind the abbots kitchen abandoned and unmarked. But you can still see it and sit on it if you wish.
In the days of the priestesses when they sat on the stone to bleed they took the part of the oracle. It was a holy and deeply revered time. People would come to be blessed and hear the wisdom of the womb, of the dark mother.
Moon blood is sacred and the moon time is a time when women are able to bridge the realms. It is also a time when women are in their sacred darkness, in the mystery. When we honour this time as women there is a deep and ancient power available to us.
The blood itself is the lining of the womb, in it all the nutrients and resources to hold and begin, nurture and gestate a new life. It is the energy of matter, the energy of creation, a magical essence.

Moon Goddess 1/13

Walked to hope Gap.
Turned right as I never do.
Speaking to Her as I went. Raised my arms to the Goddess.
Found what I needed straight away. Drift wood and oval stone.
Released old patterns from my heart.
Released jealousy and found joy for others.
Found truth, compassion and concern behind it.
Gave myself permission to trust, to accept miracles, to rejoice.
Drawings of the cliffs.
Strong wind when I left.
If there was a message I didn't understand it. Maybe I do now.
Gathered gorse, the brambles took my blood as return.
Found the violets flowering already and brought some back to plant.
Fish n chips in Seaford. They gave me a free sausage and all the way back She spoke to me in pictures.
Carved the moon blood goddess with my mother's carving tools.
Poured my blessings into her ravines.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In memory of Selina di Girolamo

My dear friend Selina di-Girolamo the artist, mother, witch and inspirant has eschewed her body for the flight of spirit. I miss her darkly and feel my inspiration drawn in reverence and homage towards her. Visions of goddesses fill my mind and heart and sketch book. Its a new theme for me, although I always admired her work now I feel myself wanting to spill all the things I ever was inspired by in her and ever knew about her into the world. Like holding the smell af a lovers shirt close after they are long gone - a wish to keep her spirit alive and resonating within my world. I curl foetal in my own womb, dreaming darkness and calling into the void for fragments of the living magic that she gifted her circles with. My moon blood started to flow the day after we gave her back to the earth and with its flow the inspiration for the thirteen moon blessings land art piece. Also the flowing out and letting go of that earth cycle. In honour. Sweet sister, you are missed.

"The dark is nature in Her most primal power, often called "The Great Mystery". Darkness is sheltering and nurturing. Think of a seed in the soil or a child in the womb. The darkness is wise and awe-inspiring like a secret untold or a star studded sky. Acknowledging and loving the dark helps us to develop a sense of the world in which ...all possibilities are present. These experiences help us move through fear, pain and struggle towards transformation, aligning the self with divine purpose. In Witchcraft we see all levels of vibration as sacred and present on Mother Earth. For us, the darkness governs the mysterious points of transition between states of conciousness that help us interact with the natural world both seen and unseen. The ultimate purpose of this is to create paradise on Earth, known as Aluna. Patriarchal systems have sought to demonise the dark and transcend matter. The word "matter" comes from the Latin for "Mother"."Selina di Girolamo