Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Juicy Art that I LOVE!

I found this artist Last night and she sends me wild in the core of my being. Sarah Sze. Unfathomable beautiful epic works. I love this stuff.

I have also been totally seduced by the exquisite installations of Beatriz Milhazes,
Delighted by this amusing take on a tank by Ujino Muneteru (can't wait to show Lumin...) or better yet - build our own! :-0)
Takashi Murakami
Haim Stienbach
These crafty little art dolls....
... and nearly everything Olafur Elliason has ever done...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Please do not disturb the artist when she is dreaming... her eyes may be open and she may even look like she is awake and in your world , but deep inside the cogs are turning.. a thing is being born - a great and precious and beautiful thing. She needs all of her to do this.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


frieze art fair. hugely inspiring. took lumin. he thought it was brilliant. the most beautiful works were simple and spontaneous feeling. giant flowers. golden prismatic orb. wall of butterflies... small round dog chew version of boba fett (Haim Stienbach)... contemporary art at it's best, bringing childish delight and wonder for the world out in us. the golden orb by ollafur elliason won the day for me.
(Obviously there was a lot of sludge there too.)

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Gift

Completion. Its always a tentative feeling... sometimes it still has another stage... its just resting. This time the kiss. Haven't painted for maybe 6 weeks or more. Been creating in other ways but not the bliss of colour on colour hands and heart in the mix. Such a deep peace comes then. Letting go of all the former layers of meaning to allow the piece to rest in beauty. Thinking of the people it is for - seeing my demons and letting them go - letting them be right...
Love will have it's way.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I must...

I must not get distracted by the pull of indulgence...
I must not get seduced by the fear of mediocrity...
I must not get suffocated by the overwhelming rush of blandness...
Or the hum of everyone elses dreams...
I must focus on the very deepest essence of my souls true note....
and nurture that until it is the loudest thing I hear....

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Keeping the faith

Feel like I am spinning plates right now. Coming back from time in the woods and into the 'other' life. Focusing on the creation of heaven through the creation of beauty in all I do seems increasingly hard. As winter approaches the dependency on money is brought more to the fore... asking myself which is the illusion - it so often seems to be a hall of mirrors this life...

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Feeling nervously overwhelmed and excited about the conscious cracker project as it comes to fruition. Blessed bees almost ready to go now. Ground rush.
Trampolining with Lumin in the Autumn rain I catch glimpses of my Studio and excitement wells up with the feeling of being IN THERE again. Can't wait. But I know the crackers will be keeping me busy now too for a little while. Internal visions of colour brewing. Soon, soon...

Monday, 15 August 2011

sand banks at seven sisters

All day the inner winds made chaos of my mind, blowing thoughts around in crazy randomness.
Finally sent me fleeing from the house, hand in hand with Lumin - "shall we play on the cliffs?" - Yes - said he... but not if its windy.
"It won't be windy now, anymore..."
So through the gates to the underworld and past the Seven Sisters deciding as we went... Fish and chips first - we'll eat them on the beach (but we didn't we stayed in the car to eat), then surprised by meeting friends from school and somehow feeling embarrassed at being caught in this untogether chaotic fish and chips for supper mode... love flowing tho.

We run walk play our way.. a different way; not to the cliffs but down the hill to the beach. I start to feel you with me again - you start to point things out. I have missed you these past two days as our connection got more earthly again. Now we are flying. The shapes gliding and weaving - SUCH BEAUTY! - I reach the bottom ecstatic.

We scrabble down the pebble banks me and Lumin - he goes tumbling off to the sea. More cautious, me, I find an easy route.
Sinking sand and squishy seaweed in such beautiful shades of colour the tide is SO low. Picking our way over the rocks we are met by a pitbull. Too friendly he races at us and I wonder how will we survive - his owner is calling so frantically that I think he must be aggressive and I am hoping I can dog magic him before he shreds my little boy...but he is fine - friendly jumping up - his owner just worried he would wet my skirt.

I run off with Lumin shrieking on the sands.
THE sea horses are coming to get us!!! YAY we run circles and spirals and figure of eight in the sands banks it is SO beautiful. The low tides are so shallow and the sun is low and gold. All golden around us we run and splash in the shallow fresh water. jumping and squishing worm casts until we are done.
Lets go back
We pick our way through and over - the sinking sand is harder now but we find some disappearing sand to play in, rinse off our shoes and slowly up the hill. smiley strangers and blackberries on the way.
Over the hill and there she is. Full and creamy gold, round and covered in wispy veils - as if laughing at my last writing - the veils make her beautiful tonight, sister moon.

Friday, 12 August 2011


A series of goddesses is being given to me. This one artemis. I named her even before i knew the match. was not a surprise to me the channel of my priestess friend is so strong and clear and her she is. perhaps to be made in clay one day

queen of the void

Feel you in the breath and air
cut my hair in the bath - thats the last growth of it from our time.
memories ripple the present and i feel you reaching to me, sister.
your grief as much as mine at the veil.
so much closer now tho, now we understand eachothers love
i let this new unfolding begin
and remember your laugh and see the now through your expanded eyes.
such love flows in my heart
blessed be sister
i hold your hand and shine a light in the dark for your beloveds to see by
so when they lose sight they will not fall or stumble
i hold this from here

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The public and the process

Recently a friend of mine and fellow artist told me that there is no need for new invention in art as it is all about the enjoyment of the process therefore the product itself is unimportant.

When I work on a commission or for a client the work (ie end result) suffers if there is too much interaction during the process. I have come to the belief that the process is my practice, my spiritual discipline if you like. I used to frequently show the client how the work was progressing. I now incubate much more privately and the process is undertaken in womb-like sanctuary and with the sanctity of divine union and the highest intention for the client as well as development and practice of skills. In this atmosphere the client is present by invitation and upon invitation it is a very intimate dance.
The product is theirs.

Then there are the works which are cathartic. I sometimes burn these. Overall I find that if I treat the process and the product separately it is a freedom. There are two things of separate value and all the better for me as an artist if the one produces income from the other.

And then there is my sketch book which is entirely private practice although there is always the focus - how do I express this joy, that feeling this revelation that colour etc.

Process and product are two distinct and separately valid things. If I am working on a personal level the product needs to express specific qualities to the client, however buying a piece of art is usually also viewed as an investment so there needs to be universal and marketable appeal.
It is for this reason when creating portraits other than commissioned works I like to choose sitters who work with wide audiences or who have universal/archetypal qualities. The expression of the work also needs to convey valid information to the collective consciousness

All arts are a form of expression and the product (if exposed) belongs to the collective consciousness, to the public even if simultaneously to a private individual.
Therefore it's validity is to some extent dependent on its ability to add to the overall conversations concerning humanity. Therefore to say what someone else has already said is of little value unless it expresses in a way that can be understood by more or other people. This can happen on family, community, local or global or other levels. Saying something new does not have to happen with a new media or new media application its just that that can get attention and therefore reach a wider audience or be more effective or sometimes more contemporary. It can speak in ways that the current or incoming society resonate with more deeply.

It is the difference between a hobby and a vocation. The validity of the product makes the difference.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The journey of the crow - she started off as a magnolia with moons behind then a bird appeared - following the moon is never simple. now she is a crow on bloodied branches calling out in defiance- alone in the victory. Or a blackbird singing in the night...

she will change again i know and bring me through change with her.

I have had to learn screen printing - just a beginning... so far. I wonder what you have in store next.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Inspiration and paper cuts

recently managed to free myself from the need to conform to a particular style and this seems to have freed me into more chaos but it is creative rather than constrained. There is a hopeless grief and agony running through me as I work but really the work is coming out beautifully. I have started drawing again, Something I have hardly done since the architecture degree and some of the inspiration coming is divine. In Latihan today I could hardly stay because the flow of ideas began so strong. I see a thread between two of my genres and am excited, looking forward to how they will stitch in. It is between the mandala pieces and the small scale installations and more and more the passion (which has always been there) for the creating of shrines comes. It is more intense now and has more permission. These are early days and I only write this here because I believe no one will read it yet. And as if all this is not enough - a new inspiration has come for paper, paper cuts, folding, paper fold-painting, book making.... Went to London, Saatchi and Orosko at the Tate Modern yesterday. loved Orozco for the idea of site specific installations - also his disected and painted bank notes and newspaper clippings. liked too and was inspired by the photographing - the recording of the perpetual ephemeral,it reminded me to do this and at last told me clearly that i must photograph the process because for me the process IS the work, especially in the object arrangements and rearrangements. so much gets lost as a result of me deciding against a piece.

needs a good camera to do this

Friday, 4 March 2011


Painting this was like capturing moments from a movie projected onto the board - the children were moving alot - the art was to get them down before they ran off. The one on the right didn't want to be seen.
Its about the acceptance of physical love in a family and community context.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Moon Blood

The word blessing originally comes from the word for blood. It is a reference to moon blood, the monthly blessing of womankind and gives us some idea of how we used to see menstruation and women in general.
The creation of the thirteen moon blessing shrine is, in part a reclamation of this meaning as it is using the blood in its sacred context.
In the days of the goddess religions, in Avalon (Glastonbury), there was (and still exists) a stone that the priestesses sat on to bleed. It is a large egg shaped stone and today sits behind the abbots kitchen abandoned and unmarked. But you can still see it and sit on it if you wish.
In the days of the priestesses when they sat on the stone to bleed they took the part of the oracle. It was a holy and deeply revered time. People would come to be blessed and hear the wisdom of the womb, of the dark mother.
Moon blood is sacred and the moon time is a time when women are able to bridge the realms. It is also a time when women are in their sacred darkness, in the mystery. When we honour this time as women there is a deep and ancient power available to us.
The blood itself is the lining of the womb, in it all the nutrients and resources to hold and begin, nurture and gestate a new life. It is the energy of matter, the energy of creation, a magical essence.

Moon Goddess 1/13

Walked to hope Gap.
Turned right as I never do.
Speaking to Her as I went. Raised my arms to the Goddess.
Found what I needed straight away. Drift wood and oval stone.
Released old patterns from my heart.
Released jealousy and found joy for others.
Found truth, compassion and concern behind it.
Gave myself permission to trust, to accept miracles, to rejoice.
Drawings of the cliffs.
Strong wind when I left.
If there was a message I didn't understand it. Maybe I do now.
Gathered gorse, the brambles took my blood as return.
Found the violets flowering already and brought some back to plant.
Fish n chips in Seaford. They gave me a free sausage and all the way back She spoke to me in pictures.
Carved the moon blood goddess with my mother's carving tools.
Poured my blessings into her ravines.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In memory of Selina di Girolamo

My dear friend Selina di-Girolamo the artist, mother, witch and inspirant has eschewed her body for the flight of spirit. I miss her darkly and feel my inspiration drawn in reverence and homage towards her. Visions of goddesses fill my mind and heart and sketch book. Its a new theme for me, although I always admired her work now I feel myself wanting to spill all the things I ever was inspired by in her and ever knew about her into the world. Like holding the smell af a lovers shirt close after they are long gone - a wish to keep her spirit alive and resonating within my world. I curl foetal in my own womb, dreaming darkness and calling into the void for fragments of the living magic that she gifted her circles with. My moon blood started to flow the day after we gave her back to the earth and with its flow the inspiration for the thirteen moon blessings land art piece. Also the flowing out and letting go of that earth cycle. In honour. Sweet sister, you are missed.

"The dark is nature in Her most primal power, often called "The Great Mystery". Darkness is sheltering and nurturing. Think of a seed in the soil or a child in the womb. The darkness is wise and awe-inspiring like a secret untold or a star studded sky. Acknowledging and loving the dark helps us to develop a sense of the world in which ...all possibilities are present. These experiences help us move through fear, pain and struggle towards transformation, aligning the self with divine purpose. In Witchcraft we see all levels of vibration as sacred and present on Mother Earth. For us, the darkness governs the mysterious points of transition between states of conciousness that help us interact with the natural world both seen and unseen. The ultimate purpose of this is to create paradise on Earth, known as Aluna. Patriarchal systems have sought to demonise the dark and transcend matter. The word "matter" comes from the Latin for "Mother"."Selina di Girolamo