Friday, 7 December 2018

Large vessel - porcelain on earthstone red - exploded
This first large vessel which was maybe medium by other standards was an achievement to build. I was very happy with the irregular shape.A bit like a cacoon. the porcelain has fired nicely. I learnt that in the winter or any othertime that humidity is high and the cold may effect firing then a longer drying time and a much more gradual climb are advisable. Possibly also there was air trapped from the pot collapsing on itself and needing rebuilding.
I have learnt from the process. Was very pleased with the raw pot shape. The porcelain and terracotta work well as I had wished and the surface is good. I will use it to test the effects I had planned for this pot but which will now be applied to the next one.
Also I will make moulds of future large or time consuming vessells.
I had thought about doing that with this one but was lazy and impatient to see the result.
The paddling worked well and the lip is good.
The problem with the strength of the manganese previously leaking through the surface has been solved. 

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